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Everything started back in 1978. At least, that’s the way my rusted memory recalls that time in which a flow of freedom stirred the curtains and the life in this country. Good-bye to the harsh Francoist dictatorship. A new constitution, television, democracy, reality, colour TV, nudity on the media, etc. had their premiere. Also games such as Blandi-Blub, Scalextric, Ball-swallower … and, certainly, the Atari video console.

Legal age was lowered from 21 to 18 years old, Last Tango in Paris reigned in the neighbour billboards, The BeeGees triumphed in the discos and the cultural effervescence was unstoppable. In those days, without me being conscious, I started to get great joy on collecting trading cards and marbles. After several decades, already on the 21st century, that kid remains being a kid in some mysterious way. But now, his collection is not of trading cards; it is of contemporary photography. A collection called NEED archive [file].

It’s all about putting together a set of original works (when I say original I mean: angular like a heart, lucid like the truths of the age, brilliant as holidays, fragile as a stone… and so: deep and extremely captivating) trying to form a set of works that achieves to obtain a dialogue and complementation among all of them. And a little after with the spectator. I’m talking about images that go beyond words, about images that go beyond the perfect image and about images that play with their ability to create an intentioned sense. Images which, for instance, are able to
speak about -among other ways- looking for the encounter between what is real and what is dreamt, of providing emotion to a still-life, of recreating the magic of what is unrepeatable, or of praising the subtleness of an instant.

NEED archivo gives a response to the motto ‘c’est la vie’portraiting the time before and the time after, the here and the now, the one and the other, the outside and the inside, the up and the down… Shall we delimit it a little bit more? During this first stage the theme along which we will go on a promenade is modern life. Kilometers and more kilometers of more and more ideas. After traversing this thread, our promenade will arrive to an end with a simple conclusion under our arm:: in this modern life of us, without any space nor time for anything that is not being in a rush, one day you realize that the access door to our happiness is a nice chair where we can sit down and think with calm.

To this day belong to Need archivo:: Naia del Castillo, Ixone Sádaba, Patricia Bobillo, Iván Rodríguez, Carlos Terreros and Boris Hoppek among others. The family will keep on growing.

Author’s note::bla, bla, bla.. to be on the top is not our goal.

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