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Going up the Himalaya of dreams...

Materia sueño [Dream Matter] is a plural space, faithful to its own path and detached from the official ones. It is an independent lounge which is hoped to become a useful resource for whoever has a need to develop talent, genius, intuition and the most creative facet through image. It is a laborARTory for concepts, ideas, interests, concerns, obsessions, digestions, paranoias, worryings, curiosity, and so on… of the visual artists whose works have a common thread: to contribute with something new to the world of image. It is a factory of fictions and non-fictions which is offered with spirit to all those willing to paint big exclamations. It is a (.) and unavoidable new paragraph if the audiovisual universe amazes you....But above all it is an idea whose time has arrived. Open for the organization, development, exhibition and diffusion of audiovisual and photographic projects more actual than the contemporary. Specialized in the provision of services and of diversified artistic-cultural proposals such as:
  • exhibition hall
  • photographic & set movie studio
  • workshops
  • viewings
  • area for events: happening, (art) installations, openings and alike…
  • curating
  • group of thought: ideas interchange
  • urban interventions
  • and parallel activities derived of this tiny sane insanity: concerts, performances, parades, surprise parties
[Nota bene:: one only person is responsible for all this insane insanity. This “unique” person is the one who does and undoes, organizes and disorganizes, coordinates and uncoordinates, who draws and blurs. Thank you for your patience].